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Real Estate - British Columbia / Ontario

Maio Law handles a variety of residential, incoming-producing, commercial, industrial, sale and financing transactions. Make sure your investment is properly protected. Simply call, or have your agent get in touch to get the process started.

​The purchase of a home is usually the single greatest expense a family will have to incur. Make sure your investment is properly protected. Maio Law will help manage all of your needs, including the purchase and/or sale of your property, single family home, townhome or condominium, and the registration of a mortgage. Areas that the law office can assist you with include:

  • Refinance
  • Purchase - Condo / Townhome / Freehold
  • Sale - Condo / Townhome/ Freehold​

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Wills & Estates

​A will enables you to specify how your estate is distributed and how your children or other dependents or loved ones will be taken care of in the event of your death. It can also help minimize the taxes your beneficiaries will have to pay. Don't wait until it is too late. Start planning for your loved ones future today. Some areas Maio Law can assist you with include:

  • Wills/Non Probate Wills Drafting
  • Will interpretation
  • Estate and Trust Planning​
  • Dependent support claims​
  • Powers of Attorney for Property​
  • ​Powers of Attorney for Personal Care​
  • Power of Attorney disputes​
  • Removal and Appointment of Executors and Estate Trustees​

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Criminal Law

​Charged with a criminal offence? Maio Law represents clients who are charged and/or investigated for any Criminal Code offence. Some of the main Criminal Code offences that Maio Law defends against include:

  • Crimes of Violence - Assault; Assault Causing Bodily Harm; Aggravated Assault; Sexual Assault
  • ​​Domestic Violence (s.810 peace bond)
  • Sexual Offences / Sexual Assault​
  • Uttering Threats​​
  • Kidnapping / Unlawful Confinement​
  • ​Criminal Harassment​
  • Drunk Driving / Over .08 / Refusal​
  • Theft​
  • Youth crimes - Youth Criminal Justice Act​
  • Driving while Prohibited​
  • Drug offences - Possession; Possession for the Purpose; Trafficking; Importing ​
  • Marijuana Grow Operation​
  • Pornography (possession / distribution)​
  • Weapon & Firearm Offences​
  • Extortion​​
  • Home Invasion​
  • ​Fraud / Identity Theft​​
  • Property Crimes​
  • ​Return of Seized Money / Property​
  • Murder/Manslaughter​

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Family Law

​Whether you are need premarital, cohabitation, co-ownership of property or separation agreements Maio Law can assist you every step of the way! Structuring your assets, income, business, and family contracts, including wills.

​Maio Law handles Uncontested Family matters and recognizes that you have to deal with your spouse and children after the litigation is over. Trying to minimize post-separation problems and keeping your relationship with your ex-spouse as positive as possible is important. Maio Law can make your application for divorce, both uncontested and contested and make applications to vary and challenge existing Agreements or Court Orders.

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Corporate & Commercial

​Thinking about Incorporating a Business and need to know what steps to take next, call Maio Law to set up an appointment to go over your options.

​Whether you wish to establish:

  • A sole proprietorship
  • ​​Incorporate - Provincially or Federally
  • Start a Not-for-Profit​

​Maio Law can assist you with your Minute Books / Corporate Resolutions as well as with the review of corporate documents such as a lease or a contract. Call today and set up a meeting to go over available options.

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