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Land Transfer Tax


​In Ontario, every person buying a condo, house or land is subject to land transfer tax ("LTT"), which is due upon closing. Read to learn more.

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Properety Ownership Type


​In Ontario, there are four different ways for two or more persons to own real estate (other than sole ownership). Read to learn more.

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New Mortgage Rules


​What does the 2018 market have in store for home buyers and home sellers? Read more to find out!

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OREA Agreement of Purchase and Sale in Ontario for Resale Houses


​This article is Part 1 and is going to discuss the standard real estate agreement of purchase and sale for a resale home. Since the OREA Agreement is numerous pages and this article is limited in size, we are only going to discuss half of the first page...

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OREA Agreement of Purchase and Sale - Deposit Monies


​​​This article is Part 2 and is going to discuss page one of the OREA Agreement of Purchase and Sale for standard resale homes. Specifically, we are going to focus on the deposit and purchase price...

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Primary Residence, New Implications - Canada Revenue Agency


​This article discusses primary or principal residencies in Canada and what the government has recently changed through a new implication of the CRA. A primary/principal residence is a person's main dwelling or residence where they regularly reside. It can be a house, apartment, condominium, a cottage, houseboat, a trailer or mobile home...

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